Jim Cramer: Joe Biden should encourage Democrats not to impeach President Donald Trump

CNBC's Jim Cramer said Tuesday President-elect Joe Biden should encourage Democrats not to impeach President Donald Trump as a way to allow the country to move on from pro-Trump supporters breaching the Capitol building. Subscribe to CNBC PRO for access to investor and analyst insights: cnb.cx/2Vtntx6
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  1. Restoration work

    Restoration work

    15 小时 前

    Joe biden needs to be impeached "THE BIG" got big kickbacks

  2. The Yeti

    The Yeti

    4 天 前

    Time to impeach Joe Biden over his $Billion payment of Tax Dollars to Ukraine for kicking out the judge in Hunters case. And the Biden Family Corruption INC. in the CCP. LOCK BIDEN UP!

  3. Vir DeS

    Vir DeS

    5 天 前

    How quickly the house of representatives showed up to represent themselves. But Also they ignored the rules to have a trial and without the right process all the votes won't count at all. Quickly to impeach president Trump. Also 67% of the representatives, where is the rest? They didn't proved that the ballots were real and not fraud not just by counting and also they can't proved that president Trump told the people to entered the Capitol. To fast to represent themselves and tooo slow to represent the American people.

  4. Matthew Catalani

    Matthew Catalani

    6 天 前

    Wake up american people .we will lose our freedom

  5. Matthew Catalani

    Matthew Catalani

    6 天 前

    Biden is evil and is agents the rites of america

  6. ICHBINDU 2019

    ICHBINDU 2019

    6 天 前

    Biden likes to touch children - even if they resist themselves. Where is metoo here? cnwill.info/show/h-DLaJ60m9xmfK4/sh-p-n.html

  7. savannah ga

    savannah ga

    6 天 前

    Shep go lay down with lemon head

  8. Random Shit

    Random Shit

    6 天 前

    Joe Biden is going to be impeached the process has already begun real America news will report this

  9. metin kurt

    metin kurt

    6 天 前

    please support your president Trump and not your illegal president Biden Greetings from the Netherlands xxx

  10. Chairman Jiao Bai Dun

    Chairman Jiao Bai Dun

    6 天 前

    Capitalists understands what's more important than listening to Nancy and her black stunt double Maxine

  11. eye light

    eye light

    6 天 前

    You're next Joe.

  12. Chaz Atkinson

    Chaz Atkinson

    6 天 前


  13. Terry Adkins

    Terry Adkins

    6 天 前

    President trump will be the only president in history to get elected three times past present and future 2024

  14. Jeffrey Stewart

    Jeffrey Stewart

    6 天 前

    Postscript: Well those majority democraps just didn't listen, Jimmy Boy! Boo yah

  15. Ronette Meyer

    Ronette Meyer

    6 天 前

    Impeachment was necessary.

  16. Utopia


    6 天 前

    This impeachment will not lead 2 anything republicans I think still fear Trump so he can do almost anything and republicans will stand back and do nothing.

  17. Lan Nguyen

    Lan Nguyen

    6 天 前

    Sleepy china biden gang under obama control 🖕🖕

  18. gunshine leo

    gunshine leo

    6 天 前


  19. Michael Pawlak

    Michael Pawlak

    6 天 前

    Why can't we ever hold politicians accountable? With out consequences, politicians keep getting worse. Hold them accountable, period.

  20. joh yuujin

    joh yuujin

    7 天 前

    100% sure that Jim should stick to giving bad stock advice.

  21. John Skogman

    John Skogman

    7 天 前

    Really? We should listen to Jim Cramer? He's a HACK!

  22. Marq B

    Marq B

    7 天 前

    White people are weird sometimes

  23. goo guwl

    goo guwl

    7 天 前


  24. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover

    7 天 前


  25. P Q

    P Q

    7 天 前

    WTF Section 14 to ALL who do not vote to impeach & convict

  26. Medafingaz DMOC

    Medafingaz DMOC

    7 天 前

    My president Donald Trump the legend forever and ever Shalom trump shalom

  27. Jeff Patton

    Jeff Patton

    7 天 前

    Joe Biden should step aside and admit the tremendous fraud that obviously took place in the presidential election

  28. Minh Vu

    Minh Vu

    7 天 前

    Trump brought this on himself, so no future President will dare to do this!! This is up to Congress!

  29. shadowjetcat Walters

    shadowjetcat Walters

    7 天 前

    Joe biden and Obama Jobama

  30. malcolm clark

    malcolm clark

    7 天 前

    1:11...before private securities breached our current Post Office Box of exempts in 82, the people had a Civilian Fire Gaurd established through Public Assistance among family members, back when cops use to walk a beat. This was kept a secret, due to cops being followed home, for doing their job. The breach in communications is the 911 dispatch...so the police force within the police force, is the ARNG...it just lacks a Quartering Act,,, and // or a DOT ergonomic uniform, which could nullify a Quartering Act, once instated with autobiography & resume' to the uniform, issued through OSHA probation office red & white hat Shop Steward, working with OMH Human Svc. and reinstatement of the prior 84 HIPPA laws...as the new HIPAA has breached the DOT Hazmat placard between DOL Maintenance // Landscaping, through the 1963 Oct. 31st Mobil Mandate , and a jailed Public Defender, who should be watching the DOT Doctors Office ...yknow ?

    • malcolm clark

      malcolm clark

      7 天 前

      ...I know because I come from a family of Govt and State service members, who served the old Fire Gaurd, before UNREGULATED free agency after Carter.

  31. UltraStoat


    7 天 前

    The difference is that Trump will run again in 2024 and the republicans can't help themselves.

  32. GeneralSnout


    7 天 前

    This impeachment is a waste of time.

  33. Augustus Fernandez-Mckenzie

    Augustus Fernandez-Mckenzie

    7 天 前

    What about the Law? Has President Trump broken the Law? If so, should he be allowed to walk away with no consequent. What of his supporters, if they have broken the Law, should they also be allowed to go free? If fear is the overriding determinant on when the Law should be applied, can you then claim to be a country of Laws. What of the poor and weak should the enforcement of Laws only apply to them.

  34. jus ded

    jus ded

    7 天 前

    He said it wasn't his problem. He is correct. Biden needs to avoid overreach. He isn't donald trump. Have you the SAME slide from democracy as we have? It isn't bidens business. We can't imagine him getting 8nvolved in that.

  35. Steelers Country

    Steelers Country

    7 天 前

    Nope, impeach and convict. For healing to take place, one must maintain that justice has been served. Moreover, the United States of America are land of laws. Justice requires accountability and holding individuals responsible for their actions. With a punishment suitable to the crime. Insurrection, treason, and subversion of the government, are serious crimes. An officer was brutality murdered by the these actions as well. Treason is a crime of attacking the government, to which one proclaims allegiance to. Treason may include; acts such as participating in a war against the country, spying for a hostile power. Treason may also include an attempt to overthrow the government that one pledges allegiance to. Let us be clear. Accountability and responsibility are key for justice to proceed. Without these actions, no healing may take place. We the People of America are watching closely. Are we going to start healing or is it going to be more of the same lack of leadership? Your move

  36. My Peep's

    My Peep's

    7 天 前

    People seem to Forget History Repeats itself 😂

  37. rabooey


    7 天 前

    Please Impeach Trump I'd rather not help pay into his post-Presidency yearly paychecks of $220K with my taxes. He would still be paid if he resigns or Pence invokes the 25th Amendment.

  38. spamgate1


    7 天 前

    yeah...no..yeah..NO! how about ensuring he can never be president again? he literally created a zealot following for years before then encouraging them to take forceful action. if he's not calculated, he's dumb or reckless. we don't need to leave him a window of reentry. time to say it's over for good.

  39. Adam


    7 天 前

    A pass on encouraging a mob to storm the capital in the process of certifying a federal lection, in an effort to overturn that election and keep Trump in office against the will of the vote Ehh no

  40. HilarityBribo


    7 天 前

    Dementia Joe should admit his fraud and resign.

  41. T-Virus Terrance

    T-Virus Terrance

    7 天 前

    Hello, Humans. "The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible."-Arthur C. Clarke TERRANCE OUT

  42. dn00dles


    7 天 前

    Well... mistaken again. There you go.

  43. jaywop sosa

    jaywop sosa

    7 天 前

    He just flew in from stupid town...?

  44. Chris Reiser

    Chris Reiser

    7 天 前

    Fool being a fool. Traitors and those who fuel them are guilty.

  45. PacifierMusic


    7 天 前

    This reporting is ridiculous. Keep quiet and let the adults talk. Impeach the criminal and send a strong message, never again.

  46. Ayub Umar

    Ayub Umar

    7 天 前

    First consider two mothers, both harlots, fighting over a living child. The case is brought before the judge. Then consider two political parties, fighting over a nation. And the case is brought before the judge. ----- Now hear the judge ----- And the king said, Bring me a sword. And they brought a sword before the king. And the king said, Divide the living child in two, and give half to the one, and half to the other. Then spake the woman whose the living child was unto the king, for her bowels yearned upon her son, and she said, O my lord, give her the living child, and in no wise slay it. But the other said, Let it be neither mine nor thine, but divide it. Then the king answered and said, Give her the living child, and in no wise slay it: she is the mother thereof. - 1 Kings 3:24-27 Ultimately, the judge will see your heart, truth and lies will be revealed. Do you pridefully fight, or humbly surrender the child that it may live? Please take this seriously, and pray about this as if it were judgement of your own living child, or a nation, that was being fought over. Seek mercy. Seek forgiveness. By which manner you judge, you shall also be judged. Do you want to be also cut in two? Repent and turn back to God. Humble your will, and allow God's will to be done. Be silent before the king, and thankful for His great wisdom to do judgement, humbly seeking forgiveness and mercy for the child. We must all first be humbled before the Lord, for the healing of our land to come. Trust in the Lord. If Solomon judged in this manner, would not Solomon also be judged in this same manner? You may think you have been given great wisdom and knowledge to judge, and perhaps you can rightfully discern truth from lies. But still yet, I say humble yourself and let the sword of the King of kings fall upon you. The very word of God. Because by which manner you judge, you shall also be judged. And so I say unto Solomon, that a greater is here, even Jesus, and so I am humbly praying and seeking forgiveness and mercy for you, that you may live, that God's peace could be restored unto you, and unto all the land. If the sword of truth were upon you, would you repent and seek forgiveness and mercy for yourself? Or for your living child? Solomon withdrew the sword and showed mercy unto the living child, and restored the child to it's rightful mother. The wisdom of God was in him, to do judgement. I recommend that you read this entire story of Solomon's judgement, 1 Kings 3:16-28.

  47. Sharon Kellner

    Sharon Kellner

    7 天 前

    When traitor trump is arrested and incarcerated then our country can heal.

  48. Mr X

    Mr X

    7 天 前

    People died at the direction of Trump. How do you not hold Trump accountable? Who’s going to go tell the dead officer’s family that the country is just going to move forward? You Cramer???



    7 天 前

    Is this the same Jim Cramer that said he could manipulate stock market prices? Why the hell would I or anyone else follow what this man would say?

  50. Dave Davis

    Dave Davis

    7 天 前

    What a cop out....attempt a coup......but then say not to punish Trump to heal the nation. Trump will go to prison....there is no doubt. Civil war or not.

  51. Mighty Quin

    Mighty Quin

    7 天 前

    Jim only cares about $$$$. He knows nothing of history and the need to remove traitors from this country or earth.



    7 天 前

    Cramer on Trumpism drugs.

  53. Tassie


    7 天 前

    You mean Commander and cheat, Don trumpelone gets of scotch free while his Mobs are guilty because they follow his order, I thought the justice system is no-one above the law, this is double standard.

  54. Dayo John

    Dayo John

    7 天 前

    "We don't negotiate with terrorists" - George Bush. This should apply to domestic terrorists as well.

  55. Ink Bass

    Ink Bass

    7 天 前

    Wasn't this the clown saying buy! Buy! Buy! right before the crash in '08?

  56. superblonde


    7 天 前

    GOP is Treason. Cramer GTFO.

    • superblonde


      7 天 前


  57. Tassie


    7 天 前

    Don trumpelone commander in cheat should tell his mobs to stop arm protest

  58. Alfred Pemberton

    Alfred Pemberton

    7 天 前

    This government sucks big time.

  59. Glen Bentley

    Glen Bentley

    7 天 前

    This guy is so full of crap......I remember his meltdown in the 1990s during some stock crash.....

  60. William Simkulet

    William Simkulet

    7 天 前

    Isn't this the "TV personality" from Ironman who wanted Tony Stark to sell more weapons? I guess when you're willing to say anything, no matter how ridiculous, if they pay you...

  61. windowclean100


    7 天 前

    I think it’s time to call martial law

  62. Kevin Earley

    Kevin Earley

    7 天 前

    So, Jim, I think you are wrong again and we need to Impeach and go forward.

  63. Johnny Dez

    Johnny Dez

    7 天 前

    #trumpRICO insurrection was planned by him and we don't impeach we will never 👎 move on to accountability and the next time it will be a successful coup

  64. Ari Mouratides

    Ari Mouratides

    7 天 前

    this dude is high as a kite....

  65. Alex Samaris

    Alex Samaris

    7 天 前

    Yeah, because allowing an authoritarian not answer for a coup attempt he instigated is always the way to move forward.......moron.

  66. Brick Tamland

    Brick Tamland

    7 天 前

    if they ignorre him he has an opportunity to run again in 2024 and he is shown to be a threat to the american people. even his own supporters are threatened by him possibly gaining power again. we have every reason to ban him from public office.

  67. PointingOutObvious


    7 天 前

    FoxNews: It was Antifa that that tried to stop the certification of Biden that the left won. MAGA people: That makes perfect sense. Me: JESUS CHRIST, THESE ARE THE ULTIMATE MORONS.

  68. Hubie Maddox

    Hubie Maddox

    7 天 前

    Biden should stay out of the Legal Problems of Trumps But he has just made a great proposal to make sure, that he is able to move forward on His Agenda. That should not be a problem since he’s not a tweeter or gofer wasting the tax payers money everyday ... Trump Needs to Be Prosecuted as if he is a Person of Color With the exact Same types of Treatments & Penalties for Equality in Justice

  69. Zhepard


    7 天 前

    If he is impeached, he can no longer attempt to run. That right there is reason enough to do it.

  70. Yakaroni El Yak

    Yakaroni El Yak

    7 天 前

    is that bald guy relevant? He says wrong words.

  71. Nicholas Taylor

    Nicholas Taylor

    7 天 前

    Cramer's opinion on anything means nothing to me, including stocks.

  72. Alex Najera

    Alex Najera

    7 天 前

    No unity without accountability!!! Hold Trump's feet to the fire, and punish him for what he's done!!!

  73. John M

    John M

    7 天 前

    "Ignore them and it will all go away" does not work after a capitol raid. We cannot have this here and the Nixon thing only works because he resigned in disgrace with his own party rejecting him. We do not have that and there has to be some consequence or why would Biden not do this in the next election?

  74. Richard Cruz

    Richard Cruz

    7 天 前

    He needs to be punished

  75. Kenneth Hlavik

    Kenneth Hlavik

    7 天 前

    What a clown!!! Of course he needs to be impeached. Unbelievable!

  76. Sammy Um

    Sammy Um

    7 天 前

    I hate fkin hypocrite

  77. Sammy Um

    Sammy Um

    7 天 前

    Call off my ass Cramer stick to stocks market so trump can do whatever he wants come on give me a break if this was democratic president u guys would have his head

  78. Lucas P

    Lucas P

    7 天 前

    This guys is full of it..When every massive million or billion dollar company is kicking this guy of their platform /service...you can easily make the argument that impeaching this president would actually be something that the free market would want...

  79. JoeWest


    7 天 前

    We know what side he's on! Just another wealthy white man who doesn't want to pay higher taxes. Thing is even after you'll pay your taxes you'll be wealthier than the majority

  80. Op Zero Films

    Op Zero Films

    7 天 前

    Hell no, impeachment is the way.

  81. Mischa Fellner

    Mischa Fellner

    7 天 前

    Miss Info Mation

  82. Josh Davis

    Josh Davis

    7 天 前

    There needs to be consequences. I don't care how many days he has left. If we don't _show_ that there are consequences to inciting an insurrection, we will be _right_ _back_ _here_ four years from now.

  83. John Adams

    John Adams

    7 天 前

    I find it hilarious that market thinks people will go back to work. These out of work, now daytraders are making more money now then they were before just buying call options. Why would they ever go back if they don't have to?

  84. MbakemIndomitable28


    7 天 前

    Is Cramer for real??? I mean...wtf!!!!

  85. Brad Grauer

    Brad Grauer

    7 天 前

    Why even report on this nonsense I mean it's complete nonsense

  86. dezert fox

    dezert fox

    7 天 前

    😂 ya right. We are impeaching.

  87. john lerner

    john lerner

    7 天 前

    biden 4 jail. here is proof

  88. prez truman

    prez truman

    7 天 前

    Respectfully, IMPEACH. I would agree with Kramer, IF Right-wing, fascist-leaning online, radio & Cable weren’t as powerful an engine for the misinformation blitz. But Impeachment would prevent Trump from running. Of course there’s self-absorbed, low functioning Don, Jr., but let the remaining sycophants fight over the Spoils.

  89. Non Timebo Mala

    Non Timebo Mala

    7 天 前

    A. Patriot

  90. Space XYZ

    Space XYZ

    7 天 前

    He's in office for like 8 more days you idiots! There is literally no point to this other than to make a completely pointless gesture and appease the base. You have low IQ if you want congress to spend their time on an impeachment for a president who won't be in office.

  91. G FAMILY


    7 天 前


  92. Samuel Clark

    Samuel Clark

    7 天 前

    What you don't understand, WSJ, is that Trump has and will continue to damage the US in any way he can, as long as he has any power. He must be removed, asap, for the sake of The Nation.

  93. Wayne Barth

    Wayne Barth

    7 天 前

    Nancy Pelosi control democrats and republican. She must remove now

  94. Aaron Swenson

    Aaron Swenson

    7 天 前

    Did this dude have a couple shots of whiskey before his commentary...?

  95. American Paisa Returns

    American Paisa Returns

    7 天 前

    “Crazy Nancy” - Jim Cramer 🤣👍🏽

  96. Nemo Krad

    Nemo Krad

    7 天 前

    CNwill needs to be controlled by the government

  97. Chris Wood

    Chris Wood

    7 天 前

    The senators and public officials still standing behind Trump after the our Capital was stormed needs to be replaced. And never voted into any office again. If they were any different than Trump they would not be standing up for him let us not forget them!

  98. Martial Henry

    Martial Henry

    7 天 前

    Buy stock and buy more cryptos too, I have invested into both and found that crypto investment is far better than stock

    • Jessica Martel

      Jessica Martel

      7 天 前

      Thanks for sharing this here... I just messaged him now hoping he replies me

    • Anders Walker

      Anders Walker

      7 天 前

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    • Anders Walker

      Anders Walker

      7 天 前

      That's why you should contact him on WhatsApp 👇👇

    • Derek Davis

      Derek Davis

      7 天 前

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    • Fred Donald

      Fred Donald

      7 天 前

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  99. Craig Roth

    Craig Roth

    7 天 前

    Let us see. We pardon and where does that get us: Nixon does bad, move forward. Then we get Iran-Contra, move forward. Lie into the first Gulf War, lie into the second Gulf War, move forward. Trump commits impeachable offenses, but don't convict, move forward. Incite insurrectionists to storm the Capitol. They just keep escalating, and every time we "move forward" without holding them accountable we send a message that they can get away with what they just did and that they can push even further next time. There can be no true movement forward without accountability. If we're afraid they will become violent, THEY ALREADY HAVE. They BEAT a cop to DEATH with a fire extinguisher while storming the seat of our government looking for hostages and setting up a gallows. Next time, they find the hostages and they'll use the gallows. They cannot be allowed to slither back to their holes to wait for the next call to riot. For one thing, they're not even going back in their holes. They think they won't be touched. Justice needs to be served.

  100. Shelley Ross

    Shelley Ross

    7 天 前

    Trump and his domestic terrorists attacked us. Everyone involved must be held accountable. There will be no unity until the Terrorists are all behind bars.