Cambridge Analytica whistleblower on social media crackdown

Overnight, Twitter said it suspended more than 70,000 accounts associated with the QAnon conspiracy while Facebook announced it would ban "Stop the Steal" content. Christopher Wylie, Cambridge Analytica whistleblower and one of the first people to be banned from Facebook, and Vivian Schiller, executive director of Aspen Institute Digital, joined "Squawk Box" on Tuesday to discuss. For access to live and exclusive video from. CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:
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  1. Catherine NELSON

    Catherine NELSON

    8 天 前

    If you think about what newspapers will print in their "Letters to the Editor ", then why can't the Internet? A friend of mine got divorced and received 100% custody of her children. Her ex-husband was mentally disabled, and did not have to pay child support. While she was at work, her 13 year old daughter met someone on the internet. He drove 60 miles to meet her, capture her imprison her. Ultimately, my friend had to sell her house in order to pay for therapy for her daughter. And the therapy took years. Does the Internet need to be monitored? BY ALL MEANS!

  2. Marilyn Keunecke-Smith

    Marilyn Keunecke-Smith

    8 天 前

    Excellent. Chris is correct. This would make everyone feel better. Give them competition and realistic regulation.

  3. j


    8 天 前

    billion's in profit, mind you. apparently that doesn't buy you enough smarts to control this Pandora's box they opened, from which there's no going back now. our allies pity and fear for us. our enemies laugh at us and now plan for our demise. this is the gift the sycophantic enablers like Ted Cruz and Betsy Davos sold over to a narcissistic megalomaniac for their own financial gain, and the neoliberals weren't much help in being able to avoid it. they slept well on the profits.

  4. Jae Shin

    Jae Shin

    8 天 前

    Yes, there is a problem that search algorithms match based off of previous pref/queues but for a non technical person to come in and say "just fix it" is a non starter. Give them metrics and limit parameters algorithms can utilize to manage their business and adjust those accordingly. Saying "JUST FIX IT" after you asked it to be built like that a decade ago isn't going to go anywhere.

  5. I Know Nothing

    I Know Nothing

    8 天 前

    With enough imagination, ingenuity and money everything is possible when given the correct amount of time!

  6. Wandering Questions

    Wandering Questions

    8 天 前

    What about Fox? What complicates it is freedom of speech. The engineering principles of an airplane doesn’t include freedom of speech. Can’t compare media plate forms

  7. William Andrews

    William Andrews

    8 天 前

    Liberals try as hard as they can to make comments that are mocking, insulting, unfair, intolerant, inflammatory, bullying, and hateful. The Liberal media never block them or criticize them. Normal people see Liberals' double standards, hypocrisy, blatant lies, and gross unfairness.

  8. Ivan Buttigieg

    Ivan Buttigieg

    8 天 前

    If ‘Facebook’ were a ‘gun’...

  9. Jin Nani

    Jin Nani

    8 天 前

    Lol the riots during the summer are not the same? What a joke! They are worst! They burned down cities and claimed land for themselves!

    • Matt Trembley

      Matt Trembley

      7 天 前

      @Sandra Friend you are missing the point. If you allow people to commit violence and domestic terrorism in the name of something you perceive is good you are failing.

    • Sandra Friend

      Sandra Friend

      8 天 前

      They had a reason...crazy privileged white people, not so much. After trying to destroy the government, I still don’t know what they want, other than to illegally install a dictator.

  10. Seeking Truth&Facts

    Seeking Truth&Facts

    8 天 前

    Maybe a rating system is needed like movies used. Gen - X-Rated. Truthful - Pants on Fire Lies.

  11. Anon


    8 天 前

    It reminded me of the social media-driven Arab Spring. I mean, sure, that was a wave of pro-democracy protests to overthrow totalitarian regimes, while this was... OK, an attempted coup d’état trying to formalise one. But still...Stop the steal! (NOTE; does not apply to lecterns, laptops, other coup spoils). MAGA!

  12. Kevin Neugebauer

    Kevin Neugebauer

    8 天 前