Valuations could get more stretched, stay cautious right now: Advisor

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  1. Warner Bauer

    Warner Bauer

    17 小时 前

    And then there's the fact that a lot of Americans know that the DemoKKKrats cheated and stole the election and are not happy about it. And they also know that the so-called news media knows but won't report on it. So there's that to consider...

  2. Digital Dreamer

    Digital Dreamer

    2 天 前

    Rates going up??? Bahahah. Never. That world is dead and gone.

  3. Henry Lu

    Henry Lu

    2 天 前

    Jerome Powell has publicly stated he doesn't see interest rates going up any time soon (until at least 2022) as M2 velocity of money is at all time lows so even with the level of qualitative easing being injected into the economy, inflation is still low and will stay low until the pandemic is brought under control, only then can we start to look at recovery and a potential shift of asset allocations out of market equity into bonds



    3 天 前

    There's nothing like forward P/E's to make things look more reasonable.

  5. Brian Tep

    Brian Tep

    5 天 前

    dont listen to these analyst.The best time to buy stocks is early in the year because money managers have to meet a certain target for their performance. The S&P let's say will go up 10% this year and so the only time it makes sense to buy stocks is actually in the beginning of the year, unless you think we will have a bear market for the rest of the 2021. Of course valuations are stretched, but stocks can go up another 15% before they go back down 10%. Time in the market > timing the market

  6. Bo McGillacutty

    Bo McGillacutty

    5 天 前

    For those new to this and for all of our short memories--there is ALWAYS a legit reason to be cautious and many constantly reminding us of the potential of "correction". We may get a 30% dip, it's never fun but it's healthy, investors ride it out while weak hands get flushed out. Disciplined investors win eventually.

  7. S P

    S P

    5 天 前

    I fight inflation by always tryna find good deals whether at the bar or grocery store

  8. Diane Terry

    Diane Terry

    5 天 前

    The stock market has kept many on suspense from My prospective, I think investing in cryptocurrency will be a wise choice.

    • Bo McGillacutty

      Bo McGillacutty

      5 天 前


    • Daniel Jonathan

      Daniel Jonathan

      5 天 前

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      Kelvin Brian

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      Helen Edward

      5 天 前

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      James Ford

      5 天 前

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  9. Justin Niles

    Justin Niles

    5 天 前

    The Powell Piper is leading the lemmings to oblivion

  10. Tudorinc


    5 天 前

    I wouldn’t get too hung up on what Gundlach says. He’s a perma bear bond guy who said he was going short the SP about 500 points lower

  11. sftment


    5 天 前

    Nice of you guys to try amd talk your way out of a deflation that is here now.

  12. carey jernigan

    carey jernigan

    5 天 前

    Inflation will hit us like a rock, and all necessaties ,,groceries, power that we exist on will be sky high...

    • carloS


      5 天 前

      get ready to pay 1250$ for lunch lol

  13. Xpeng Fangirl

    Xpeng Fangirl

    5 天 前

    Xpeng already stretched its leg today, so those who missed the trading bell early this morning lost out, Xpeng is already overvalued now

  14. TV FaP

    TV FaP

    5 天 前 The COVID-19 pandemic has been spreading across the world, and countless people are suffering. There is also the locust plague and floods. Do you think these are just coincidental occurrences? The Scripture even says that people will faint from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world. The day in which God brings His punishment upon this earth is this age because of the evil that people have committed.

  15. Top Hat

    Top Hat

    5 天 前

    The younger generation eats bitcoin for dinner

  16. Isaias Elias

    Isaias Elias

    5 天 前

    Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  17. Keni Ge

    Keni Ge

    5 天 前

    Wells Fargo nice recovery

  18. warntheidiotmasses


    5 天 前

    Piggies get fed, hogs get slaughtered. Trees don't grow to the moon. And if Bitcon is going to take the place of the dollar who's going to provide leverage money to the hot money crowd? So liquidity is infinite? Bubbles never burst?

  19. mrpmj00


    5 天 前

    buy AMAZON, ZOOM, FACEBOOK, NVIDIA, capitol riot means a covid19 petri dish; we need another lockdown. we have streaming and don't need to travel or go to a commercial theater and avoid covid19, mass shooting (gun sales doubled in 2020), police killing nonwhites like George Floyd, and exploding RVs like in Nashville, capitol rioters bringing pipe bombs

    • Butch Einsel

      Butch Einsel

      5 天 前

      Pump.and dump

    • brian fike

      brian fike

      5 天 前

      facebook just lost 30 billion. You're selling everything you tell people to buy.

  20. Money Host - Let's Talk Investing

    Money Host - Let's Talk Investing

    5 天 前

    There are new generation of new Robinhood investors, they certainly don't really care much about the valuation. If they see a company with good potential product, they continue to buy.

    • carloS


      5 天 前

      and 3-4 days later the stock slowly goes down and down, cause well they overvaluated that stock in the first place. Ive seen it happen with a LOT of stocks lately, and have fortunately profited very well from the robinhood traders autism lol im waiting for them to discover Draganfly (DFLY) or for FSE (3u8) that company is actually undervalued, if the snowflakegeneration discovers that stock, its over lol

  21. Chucky H

    Chucky H

    5 天 前

    What kinda son of a human are these people