Two EV pros on whether the sector is overvalued

The electric vehicle sector is one of the hottest parts of this market and it's not only Tesla stocks that are moving. Gordon Johnson, founder and CEO of GLJ Research, and Gene Munster, co-founder and managing partner at Loup Ventures, joined "Squawk Box" on Tuesday to discuss whether there's a bubble in the EV sector. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:
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  1. Станимир Панчев

    Станимир Панчев

    22 小时 前

    Can we short Gordon Johnson? :D

  2. Liberty Springs

    Liberty Springs

    天 前

    I own 1 share of Tesla but goodness that is nuts so many using margin. These margin bubbles can pop hard like 1929 so please avoid using margin.

  3. jonpaul pezzo

    jonpaul pezzo

    天 前

    Nearly as much of GM. Its 28 billion difference. Do you understand the phrase “nearly as much”

  4. DH


    天 前

    I was going to make a comment about Gordon Johnson, until I read the comment section.

  5. Johnny C.

    Johnny C.

    天 前

    This black guy is wrong.

  6. Erik Owren

    Erik Owren

    2 天 前

    Really, Gordon has no idea.

  7. T C

    T C

    2 天 前

    Shorts lose 38 billion on tesla in 2020 alone. Gordo isn't thinking about the future

  8. Peter Moyse

    Peter Moyse

    2 天 前

    April last year, Elon Musk tweeted: 'Tesla shares overvalued IMO'. And since then it has more than tripled in value. Of course Tesla is overvalued. Yes, Tesla is a great company. But if you were late to the party, sell.

  9. Julius Reischauer

    Julius Reischauer

    2 天 前

    „Two EV Pros“.. Gordon Johnson. I feel mislead and insulted.

  10. Retrogamer Dell

    Retrogamer Dell

    3 天 前

    what is an ev pro? lol

  11. mike ekim

    mike ekim

    3 天 前

    EV sector is over crowded if anything. We have SPACs popping up every few weeks. Now Apple is in on it too. Its going to be hard to pick the winners honestly.

  12. Anibal Madrid

    Anibal Madrid

    3 天 前

    I’m very wondering what he thinks about Bitcoin The nonsense stock

  13. TimSeenaa


    3 天 前

    This Gordon dude is new or something? Why the heck do you think EV is growing even when there was no stimulus. Could you please bring some analyst who can actually think?

  14. Avacodo


    3 天 前

    Gordon , a gift that keeps on giving. Thumb rule is, do the opposite of what he says and you will be a billionare

  15. SEATennis


    3 天 前

    Did you say Two pros?

  16. zeeb zorb

    zeeb zorb

    3 天 前

    Lmao this black guy has no clue what he is talking about. The quality of cars is what matters. Hahahah. Tsla and nio are lightyears ahead of thr competition. Typical trash analyst

  17. Yu Global Citizen

    Yu Global Citizen

    3 天 前

    Stop comparing ev to traditional car companies, nio, tsla is selling life style. U own the car, your life changes in a way. Traditional cars can't give u that. U get in and u drive to point B. amazon online shopping is a life style compare to traditional shopping in mall.

  18. Steve Bannell

    Steve Bannell

    3 天 前

    Why do you keep asking Gordon Johnson on? He isn't an expert on EV's, he is an expert at ridiculing the suggestion that Tesla has a business model and conveniently overlooks all of the relevant facts because they don't fit his narrative. Norwegians want hatchbacks. Etron and Id3 (hatchbacks) outselling Model 3 isn't a comparison. Wait for the Model Y then compare.

  19. Rajneesh


    3 天 前

    Yea VW and all other major companies will crush Tesla, hearing this from past 5 years they are nowhere near TESLA.-

  20. Investing & The Like

    Investing & The Like

    3 天 前

    that guys point that Nio is overvalued compared to VW is not wrong, especially since Nio isn't going mass market anytime soon, but relax I am a Nio Share Owner, and will hold for 10 plus years. Tesla is the whole package Nio is not quite.

  21. Thatguyinthathat. s

    Thatguyinthathat. s

    3 天 前

    This Gordon he was against Tesla when it was @300 before the split...but here he is again talking about tesla... Go home u done.

  22. Vass M

    Vass M

    4 天 前

    Gordon has lost everything but the shirt on his back, that's for next week

  23. Bob Cheng

    Bob Cheng

    4 天 前

    NIO and other companies there are funded directly or indirectly by their government.

  24. Laftis Kuno

    Laftis Kuno

    4 天 前

    laser focus on these 3: PLUG, FCEL, GEVO

  25. Goodle In

    Goodle In

    4 天 前

    Remember when analysts gave a sell rating for Tesla since the last four years and what happened now???

  26. Jimmy Lin

    Jimmy Lin

    4 天 前

    What happened to Gordon's Germany sales stat? Or his Norway sales stat? Gordon, your cherry picked stats that proved demand in Europe was weak flipped in December. Is it a coincidence that Tesla does well in the last month of each quarter in Europe? How about when you think about the time it takes to ship cars to Europe via boat? Let's see how Audi and VW hold up when Tesla Berlin is up and running and Tesla can sell Model Ys from that continent. Gordon was right about something. Competition is coming for the traditional auto makers with Giga Berlin.

  27. syi23600


    4 天 前

    How much has that guy lost in tesla shorts

  28. steplaland


    4 天 前

    Stop Gene, you using $ vs market cap when using Amazon?

  29. Olli Teirikko

    Olli Teirikko

    4 天 前

    Gordon, You're the "missleader" here. Nio doesn't offer free batteries. It offers leasing contracts for batteries, so you could buy the car and to lease the battery. That makes possible to buy much cheaper car and change it's battery in those changing stations.

  30. David Shaw Jazz

    David Shaw Jazz

    4 天 前

    Johnson is disgusting...he has to be being paid to be that degree of wrong even in digression.

  31. bigboss


    4 天 前

    Tesla don't just make cars

  32. Mohamed Mohammed

    Mohamed Mohammed

    4 天 前

    4:00 Why is he so emotional? Why is he shouting?

  33. Mohamed Mohammed

    Mohamed Mohammed

    4 天 前

    1:10 Amazon went, from $3 to $97, then from $2,000 to $7 NO it DID NOT.

    • Andrew Harman

      Andrew Harman

      4 天 前

      It's confusing, but he's saying it went from $3 to $90 in the span of 1997 to 2000, then it dropped to $7 (2000 crash). Now it's over $3000.

  34. Successful Internet Psychologist

    Successful Internet Psychologist

    4 天 前

    2 EV pros? You mean 1 EV pro and one clown.

  35. Al S

    Al S

    4 天 前

    It's very easy. If you live in China and see this EV market growing in live action. Yes that is a fact. But to value Xpeng , Nio and this LiMotors so high it really funny. The wreckening will come. Because there are now so many Chinese brands popping up on the steets every day. That for them to grab maximum market share is impossible. Even Nio can't Because there aren't as many what people think. Mercedes, BMW and even Tesla have far more on the road here. Especially Tesla with their price drop of the model Y is already a killer, specifically if we talk about EVs here. Many shops have people lining up to buy this car. But too say this car can outpace mercedes and te established brands. I don't think so. It will take longer. Chinese with some money or car knowledge still buy German and go for 'drive' But lets pump this EV market higher. We will see who is right. :)

  36. AON


    4 天 前

    Oh hey tesla here 500k sold during a pandemic yep yep

  37. Jeff Imbo

    Jeff Imbo

    4 天 前

    Gordon Johnson hasn't been right in years. I feel bad for him.

  38. D S

    D S

    4 天 前

    GJ has to be paid by short sellers. He can’t be that dumb.

  39. Sean Hardman

    Sean Hardman

    4 天 前

    What do you think of ehang, ticker symbol EH the autonomous flying drone company that can haul people or cargo? Its pumping

  40. Aaron Carlson

    Aaron Carlson

    4 天 前

    Gordon “Dimwit” Johnson keeps solidifying a place in the Hall of Shame.

  41. Comedy o'connor

    Comedy o'connor

    4 天 前

    Gene knows

  42. integra


    4 天 前

    1 expert... other guy is idiot..guess which one ?

  43. Kev Ngu

    Kev Ngu

    4 天 前

    Price in.

  44. Tim Chow

    Tim Chow

    4 天 前

    LOL TWO EV pros?!?! You might want to change your clickbait title. Gordon Johnson is a CLOWN! 🤡 how does he ever get air time? Look at his rating on tipranks. As of 1/13/2021 7068 out of 7223 analysts 0 stars 14845 out of 15100 experts Avg return: -10.7% That’s FAR from pro. I can get 0.001% interest from a bank and would do better than Gordon. You guys are a joke

  45. J D

    J D

    4 天 前

    I find it almost laughable that Gordon Johnson has been saying Tesla market share is going to shrink once there is competition. Now there is real competition from NIO and he just dismissed it.

  46. Tonemeister 23

    Tonemeister 23

    4 天 前

    So Gordon, what do you think valuations will be in 3 years? A bursting bubble in the short term is not a relevant response to a longer time horizon.

  47. Ancient Kid

    Ancient Kid

    4 天 前


  48. steven wong

    steven wong

    4 天 前

    Two pros for sure. One is good at making money and the other is excellent at losing money.

  49. Fred Pinto

    Fred Pinto

    4 天 前

    The lack of knowledge by these guys is astounding and I dare to say I notice some resentment by them not being able to foresee it in time. They don't get the bigger picture. They are not accurate on the companies history and services available (free battery?), and they are not even accounting the fact that EV's are not a standard product dictated by the market supply and demand policy. They will be in fact mandatory in some countries replacing ICE vehicles in the next decade. Carriers around the world are replacing their fleets with EV's. Just today I saw that Fedex is adopting GM's Electrical delivery vans. Look at Workhorse for example. It's an entire industry that will have a huge potential in the long term spectrum, but as with everything else in the stock market, the investors speculate before the show of results, but eventually the numbers will add up. Also keep in mind that in the case of NIO, it's not only the average investor jumping on board and the price targets by the big sharks have been piling up.

  50. C P

    C P

    4 天 前

    I swear CNBC is trolling now lol

  51. Mach One

    Mach One

    4 天 前

    Yeah and an EV is 65-70000 not 900 bucks for a smart phone..

  52. Mach One

    Mach One

    4 天 前

    Way over valued!! Why would you buy an existing gas powered car and hold debt for five to six years when you’ll probably be fined and or have your gas car confiscated in 7-10 years from now? I wouldn’t buy a gas car now. Start saving, take money out of your retirement accounts and wait until you are forced to buy a back-end polluting, landfill poising EV.. think about it...

  53. OldGuyFun


    4 天 前

    EVs are the future.

  54. Colin Gordon

    Colin Gordon

    4 天 前

    Thats was not a coherent thought.

  55. Colin Gordon

    Colin Gordon

    4 天 前

    Define "literally?"

  56. Issie wizzie

    Issie wizzie

    4 天 前

    I’m invested in Ev however I now it’s a bubble.... I’ll cash out before then

  57. Zne Skarm

    Zne Skarm

    4 天 前

    I think they forgot to mention one important thing, despite the fact that Tesla and other EV manufacturers may lose market share to former traditional car manufacturers, the total market is increasing, as traditional cars are soon no longer an option, ie. Overall, Tesla and other electric car manufacturers have a larger market to contend with.

  58. Fintech


    4 天 前

    Oh gordan.

  59. Sweet Lou

    Sweet Lou

    4 天 前

    This is spot on. TSLA is 100% a bubble. They will survive with a massive pivot into the utility sector, the cell phone market, or starting a truly uncensored twitter lol

  60. Catholitic converter

    Catholitic converter

    4 天 前

    He says the BEV market is only 1.8%. To me all that shows is massive room to grow. EV's are the future. by Gordons math, EV's have 98.2% untapped potential. Gordon you are an idiot.

  61. Wade Young Sr.

    Wade Young Sr.

    5 天 前

    Who is we?

  62. Sean Hardman

    Sean Hardman

    5 天 前

    China loves tesla it will have better sales there. The fed isn’t going to stop anything. Printing will continue the ev market will continue to rise and the market cap of tesla will hit 1 trillion. On top of such tesla will be recognized as being much more then just a car manufacturing company such as energy storage grids, battery manufacturing, robo taxis and autonomy

  63. TechMentor


    5 天 前

    Gordon must have lost a lot of money on options to be this emotional hahahahah!

  64. Rio Riggs

    Rio Riggs

    5 天 前

    Free battery? How can you present yourself as an EV expert and not know this? No credibility

  65. deluxeh0


    5 天 前

    Gordon is mad

  66. Mark Cat

    Mark Cat

    5 天 前

    To answer the question in a nut shell OF COARSE they are over valued. Come on they sell cars people are not going to be buying more cars. There are 20 big auto makers in the world. U can’t compare this to amazon apple or google. They are one of kind of companies. It’s not these ev companies have something no else has. Come on dude nio is worth more than Ford and gm combined that’s ridiculous

  67. Tom R

    Tom R

    5 天 前

    It's all a bubble. EV is just a virtue-signaller's bubble. Worse for the environment than gasoline engines.

  68. El Schumi

    El Schumi

    5 天 前

    Get rid of Gordon Johnson. This guy is factually incorrect in every sentence. Get an educated bear but not this.

  69. joel


    5 天 前

    Johnson didn't really say anything wrong, but I'd never trade his picks

  70. Print


    5 天 前

    so much hate. they really must hate Retail traders like myself!! ha

  71. Thomas Reese

    Thomas Reese

    5 天 前

    My monitor must have an issue... only one EV pro in the video

  72. Andy Butsakone

    Andy Butsakone

    5 天 前

    Do the opposite of Gordon Johnson and you’ll make serious money

  73. S R

    S R

    5 天 前

    i love it when amateurs bet on things they cant be bothered to learn about and get to become kingmakers

  74. Brandon Kornaker

    Brandon Kornaker

    5 天 前

    Literally all 255 comments pumping EV. 100 percent a bubble. Now u don't short bubble but u do sell. Whoever doesn't will get wiped

  75. T C

    T C

    5 天 前


  76. Kevin Clare

    Kevin Clare

    5 天 前

    Tesla doesn't have near enough production capacity to supply europe with cars hence giga berlin. Tesla are out sold in europe because they are supply constrained Gordo!

  77. Kelsonmassif


    5 天 前

    Gordon Johnson is a revolving door 🚪

  78. Stereo review X

    Stereo review X

    5 天 前

    To see Gordon Johnson here again makes me think CNBC are diagnosed as senile

  79. Omgdannie2


    5 天 前

    1 EV pro and GJ.

  80. M Beliv

    M Beliv

    5 天 前

    2 EV PROS ???? so dumb people on this site ..CNBC DUMB ORGANISAION

  81. Will T

    Will T

    5 天 前

    gene must felt insulted be on the same show as gordon

  82. frank paulin

    frank paulin

    5 天 前

    go home gordon you donkey

  83. SKY LIFE


    5 天 前

    When Gordon Johnson talk what I hear is... Blah blah blah blah

  84. RainMaker


    5 天 前

    XPENG is actaully a better long term play then NIO, LI

  85. RainMaker


    5 天 前

    TESLa is not just a car company.

  86. Jay Bunden

    Jay Bunden

    5 天 前

    Gordon Johnson hahaaaaaa you missed the boat!

  87. Martin Lévesque

    Martin Lévesque

    5 天 前

    Correction. Just one EV pro, Gordon is just a clown and a paid shill. He cherry picks information and doesn't answer any question when he's cornered. Stop giving him air time.

  88. Nick Foxer

    Nick Foxer

    5 天 前

    "EV pro" Gordon Johnson? LOL. More like perma-bear hired by.... someone.

  89. pragrawal1234


    5 天 前

    why did you invite him CNBC .. why ?

  90. T Pf

    T Pf

    5 天 前

    Hahaha when Gordon Johnson says it’s a giant bubble, you buy, buy, buy!

  91. greenlantern8950


    5 天 前

    Why do you keep having Gordon on?

  92. Andy G

    Andy G

    5 天 前

    Damaging deception should be a crime

  93. Deep Patel

    Deep Patel

    5 天 前

    If CNBS keep bringing back this GLJ guy there will be 2 outcome in my opinion: 1. Person like Gene will go away and he is better on his own LoupTV 2. CNBS Anchors will be out of the job and they might not even qualify to work for Gene on LoupTV

  94. boss man

    boss man

    5 天 前

    If you invest in a stock and can’t sleep at night because you’re worried it may go down 30% it’s overvalued. Lets all be fair Tesla and Elon Musk are great but the stock price is very overvalued

  95. Pangari Investing

    Pangari Investing

    5 天 前

    nope. shorting tesla here.

  96. Mike Semler

    Mike Semler

    5 天 前

    LoL. Sounds like someone missed out on the whole thing, now he mad. Why is he talking like that? Hahaa

  97. James Bell

    James Bell

    5 天 前

    I'm losing my patience with this Gordon 'the liar' Johnson.

  98. Three Putt Bogeys

    Three Putt Bogeys

    5 天 前

    How is Gordon Johnson still on TV? He needs to find a new career.

  99. Alan Tham

    Alan Tham

    5 天 前

    My donkey says hi

  100. anirudh karala

    anirudh karala

    5 天 前

    Gordan 90% of the times get its wrong. But he made valid point that interest rates low as FED is printing money. Once FED increases the interest rates we all will know if its bubble or a reality.