Housing could be at risk if interest rates go higher: Sri-Kumar

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  1. Florencio Vela

    Florencio Vela

    9 天 前

    I've ordered the tri motor fsd cyber truck..I may also buy the S Plaid.. I CAN'T WAIT!! i got lots of solar to charge them BOTH & a backup battery system as well..TSLA in my bet

  2. peter bedford

    peter bedford

    10 天 前

    Sure. Rates rise and our entire system implodes. Look at the BOJs balance sheet. The Fed will do the same

  3. Matthew Maas

    Matthew Maas

    11 天 前

    Homes are much, much too expensive. Prices need to go down. If higher interest rates mean lower prices, then this is a good thing.

    • Jag Attack

      Jag Attack

      10 天 前

      Higher borrowing costs..

  4. Hydross 77

    Hydross 77

    11 天 前

    When a country looses control By Jerome Powell and FED bafoons

  5. Lwellj


    11 天 前

    What about the current state of affairs in the US says, “lend those guys money”

  6. Mike K

    Mike K

    12 天 前

    "Democrats are like skidmarks on the underwear of America" Ben Franklin

  7. Keeping it Real

    Keeping it Real

    12 天 前

    All assets are at risk.....

    • Jag Attack

      Jag Attack

      10 天 前

      Everythign is a risk, tell the mask wearers. Great mask hoax 2021

  8. GiveMeEyeballs


    12 天 前

    this is just the beginning

  9. Joe


    12 天 前

    This time next year the US will be in a full blown economic depression.

    • Sergi Medina

      Sergi Medina

      10 天 前

      How do you know? Legit question, I want to know.

  10. iKeanuHD


    12 天 前

    pls raise intrest rates so i can afford a house jesus christ

    • Bobby S

      Bobby S

      7 天 前

      @Metehan Yıldırım yes millineals have down

    • Metehan Yıldırım

      Metehan Yıldırım

      9 天 前

      Do you have that much cash lying around? If not your affordability won't change.

  11. A. Ali

    A. Ali

    12 天 前

    Housing at risk ... entire population is waiting with money to buy at a reasonable price ... private equity been buying houses like skittles with free money ... i will pay 4 - 5 % with a smile and thx if houses are right priced and not a vegas chip .........

  12. apd907001


    12 天 前

    "Research shows that REITs have often outperformed the S&P 500 in periods of rising interest rates. Asset prices often decline as the immediate response to a rise in interest rates because investors perceive higher interest rates will reduce the present value of future cash flows from investments." www.reit.com/investing/reits-and-interest-rates#:~:text=Research%20shows%20that%20REITs%20have,periods%20of%20rising%20interest%20rates.&text=Asset%20prices%20often%20decline%20as,future%20cash%20flows%20from%20investments.

  13. Beauty On Earth

    Beauty On Earth

    12 天 前

    This is crazy! To everyone who is reading this, you’re cool and adorable. Please stay safe and healthy! Eat more fruits and veggies for a healthy lifestyle! Lastly, let's do whatever we can to save our beautiful Planet Earth!

    • Jag Attack

      Jag Attack

      10 天 前

      Go hug a tree